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TRY ARM documentation

TRY ARM documentation from Kapscha on Vimeo.

TRY ARM documentation
by Kapscha
source : http://vimeo.com/11087375

Workers members of the Triumph Labour Union have occupied the Ministry of Labour in Bangkok, Thailand and set up their living quarter and garment production facilities inside the ministry buildings.
Almost 2000 union members were sacked by Triumph in June, and have been picketing the factory in Bang Phli, Samut Prakan since then. The factory owners dismissed the workers claiming a fall in profits, and they set up a new factory with casual workers. The workers are producing garments under their own label, Try Arm and continue their fight for reinstatement & compensation.

On the ground floor of the Ministry of Labour, amid campaign banners and luggage scattered around, groups of women are engaged in activities. When night falls, mosquito nets of various colours occupy the place. These are members of the Triumph Labour Union, which has been active since 1980, and is reputedly one of the most enduring.
1,960 union members were laid off in late June due to, the company claimed, a fall in orders and restructuring. However, the company has set up a new factory and hired temporary labour in Nakhon Sawan instead. The workers have since staged protests and rallies demanding the company reinstate them, or at least pay fair compensation. It has been over a hundred days already. Many of them have moved from their protest site in front of the factory in Bang Phli, Samut Prakan, to the Ministry of Labour in Bangkok.